A Water Bottle that is Good for You and our Planet

MY Idra

The revolution of filtered water

MY Idra is the first water bottle that uses a powerful and innovative ceramic filter that never has to be replaced. Made from premium materials MY Idra is 100% plastic free. It features a clever design that helps you keep track of your water intake, and helps you stay hydrated by reminding you to drink.

Wellness for you

Filtration Technology

Our innovative ceramic gravity filter removes microplastics, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, pollutants and much more with great efficiency due to its porosity of 0.2/1 micron and the minerals it contains.

The power of silver ion antimicrobial technology incorporated into the filter mixture contributes to the effectiveness of microbiological removal, improving filter performance through disinfection and inhibiting biological growth on the filters themselves.


1% for the Planet

We are super proud to officially be a member of 1% for the PlanetAs members of 1% for the Planet we will be giving 1% of our annual sales to nonprofit organizations focused on protecting our land and creating positive change for a healthier planet.


We have invented a new composite material, a filter that lasts forever as no one have done before. Let’s see how that is possible.

Step 1: cleaning-friendly

Simply boil the CLAYSILITE filter once a month for 10′ to clean and rid pores of impurities. We suggest to boil it with a slice of lemon for remove limescale.

Step 2: regenerate

The Claysilite filter can be regenerated once a year to ensure perfect function with a 10 ml solution of colloidal silver (40 PPM). The filter is soaked in 40 PPM colloidal silver, let it dry and it’s ready for another year of use.

Filter effectiveness

Claysilite ceramic filters have proven their effectiveness and reliability in the lab and in the field. The molecular structure of the filter, the mixture developed and the manufacturing technology have resulted in a porosity between 0.2 / 1 micron. Analysis with an electron stereomicroscope allowed us to observe the interconnected porosity of the material, particularly its internal microstructure.

Thanks to Silver Ion Technology, micro porosity and minerals in it, CLAYSILITE is able to filter and remove 99% of harmful substances, improve the taste of water while maintaining the mineral salts in it.


Claysilite pearl it is our sphere that is able to remove 99% of chlorine from the water, in only 0,8 second, thanks to its properties.

It works synergistically with the Claysilite filter and together they allow you to drink good, pure water. Claysilite pearl must be replaced once per month or when you’ll reach 100 L of filtered water.

The sphere does not lose its elimination properties of chlorine, decreases just the capacity.For this reason CLAYSILITE PEARL should not be thrown away, but over 100L of water filtered can be used for plants, favoring absorption of chlorine and donating to the sphere a second life.

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