Everyday is a new

“Being a designer allow you to never have set routine.
What we find most rewarding is the understanding of people.
True insight fuels ideas, allows us to push boundaries and create meaningful experiences
that improve the world around us, for the people around us. “

Our Experience

Our mission is to be a link between ideas and reality, between dreams and more substance , between innovation and production, between imagination and real planning.

Our products want to be the novelty that the market needs, the plus that it makes people’s lives better every day.

CEO & Co-Founder | Fabrizio Boscolo
CEO & Co-Founder | Vecchia Valentina


” Design is knowledge. I always had a strong imagination and I always enjoyed building things that I had visualized in my mind, from cardboard houses of when I was a kid, to 3D modeling as a professional designer. My passion for design firstly led me to graduate as a surveyor and then as a transportation designer at IAAD in Turin. Through designing cars I evolved my artistic side, but most of all my technical side, which led me to expand my knowledge.”


” Design is discipline, and I believe that discipline is the link that led me to express myself through design. Since the age of six I approached to the art world thanks to ballet and one of the things that I definitely learned from ballet is that without commitment and sacrifice you do not achieve any goal in your life. My love for art and music led me to choose the art school, but I became aware of what design really is when I started attending the university IED in Turin.”

Our Skills & Values

Industrial Design


Transportation Design




Problem Solving


Deadline met



"Design means planning and project means ” throwing forward” , therefore design means having the awareness of the present and imagining the future in which  to realize your own projects. "


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