From Etna: an explosion of design.



The idea comes from the desire to create refined and elegant design objects for the kitchen, using uncommon materials, playing with a contrast between light and heavy, creating a magical feeling of suspension in the void.

Everything was born from the awareness that in ancient Sicily it was used
the lava of volcanoes to create objects with very complex shapes, thanks to the malleability of the lava stone.


Nowadays, this ancient custom can be rediscovered and reused for our, more modern, needs.
Lava stone is easy to find, is long-lasting and does not pollute.

The lava stone is treated together with the basalt stone, always of volcanic origin: in this way it will be possible to have objects made entirely of natural materials.


Lava and basaltic stone are obtained from lava that solidifies in contact with the air: since Etna and Stromboli are two still active volcanoes, you can understand that the extraction is easy.

The technological components is embedded in the frosted glass base; woods elements with soft touch feeling , lava stone and chrome details give to the objects a strong identity and characters.
Aesthetics and function are perfectly balanced in a minimal and unique design.

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We have been turning to nature for best inspiration.

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